Tipping fees for incoming recyclable materials:

i Item Fee
* Mixed Construction & Demolition Material
(wood, insulation, drywall, wall finishes, shingles, flooring, cardboard, concrete, metals, rubble)
$84.00 per tonne
* Mixed Solid Waste
(carpet, styrofoam, insulation, pressure treated wood, railroad ties, furniture, non recyclables)
$109.00 per tonne
* Wood / Brush (no contaminates) $59.00 per tonne
* Drywall (no contaminates) $79.00 per tonne
* Shingles (no contaminates) $79.00 per tonne
* Cardboard (no contaminates) $40.00 per tonne
* Tree Stumps $109.00 per tonne
* Concrete (no contaminates) No Charge
* Oversize Concrete $7.00 per tonne
* Brick / Block (no contaminates) $10.00 per tonne
* Asphalt (no contaminates) No Charge
  Concrete & Asphalt (with ANY contaminates) Subject to a Charge
* Clean Inert Fill or Topsoil Disposal
(Pickup Trucks & Samll Trailer – NO Dump Trucks)
$15.00 per tonne
* Freon Units (untagged) $50.00 each
* Propane Tanks $20.00 each
  Clear Window Glass (no contaminates) $79.00 per tonne
* Separated Electronics (no contaminates) No Charge
* Tires, Metal, Blue Box Materials (no contaminates) No Charge
  • Minimum Charge – $25.00/load
  • HST extra
  • No Hazardous Materials will be Accepted!
  • We can arrange for a Bin Rental service or pick-up of your materials, by one of our trusted partners.
1200 Green Valley Road, London, Ontario, N6N 1E3