The primary role of Green Valley Recycling is to provide a safe and user friendly facility where you can bring your mixed waste materials to be recycled by our team.

We work to accommodate all of our customers, both big and small, by providing separate unloading areas for large commercial vehicles and smaller cars. Areas reserved for material dropped off by individual customers are kept at the front of the facility and will allow you to unload your items at your own pace. Once received, your waste materials are separated by a variety of manual and automated processes adapted from the construction and excavation industry in order to maximize the amount of material to be recycled.

Our site is meticulously maintained and organized for the comfort and safety of our patrons. Our areas for dumping goods are cleaned and swept regularly!

We appreciate your business and will continue to develop new ways to better serve you while providing a conscientious alternative to landfill dumping.

Core Services

OES OES Affiliate
Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) Affiliate

Accredited Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) Collector

1200 Green Valley Road, London, Ontario, N6N 1E3