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Welcome to Green Valley Recycling!

Green Valley Recycling works to service the community both by accepting and recycling unwanted goods, renovation & demolition waste and junk. We also sell high quality recycled landscaping products both for home and commercial uses, so come on in!

The Green Valley team works hard to maintain site cleanliness, safety, and customer satisfaction. If this is your first visit to our facility, let us know and we will walk you through the entire
drop-off procedure. Our facility was designed with your needs in mind.

We are conveniently located just south of the 401 between Wellington Road and Highbury Avenue, which allows for quick access to our location from many areas of southwestern Ontario.

Material We Accept:

  • home renovation waste
  • electronics (free of charge)
  • construction & demolition debris
  • brush & tree stumps
  • household junk & rubbish
  • concrete (free of charge)
  • brick, block & rubble
  • asphalt (free of charge)
  • wood/shingles/drywall
  • tires (free of charge)
  • anything you don't need!

Products We Sell:

  • recycled granular 'A' gravel
  • wood chips
  • mulches
  • recycled asphalt
  • dust & chips
  • brick sand
  • clear round stone
  • pea stone
  • landscaping stones
  • sand fill
  • topsoil
  • Recycling Wall items!

Where To Find Us (Map plus Directions)

1200 Green Valley Road, London, Ontario

2 minutes south of the 401, off Highbury Avenue or Wellington Road South

1200 Green Valley Road, London, Ontario, N6N 1E3