Customer Service

Whether you are a large industrial contractor or an individual wishing to recycle or acquire recycled products, Green Valley Recycling works hard to ensure all of your visits to our facility are simple and quick. We are very proud of our recycling equipment and our facility. We have developed a simple, yet effective, drop-off procedure that will ensure that the time required to complete any transaction at our site is minimal.

At Green Valley Recycling, we value each and every customer. Our approach to recycling services is driven by the desire to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

We strive to maintain an attitude of total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, the entire team has been structured into customer-driven business entities where quality of service is an obsession.

With this approach, we believe Green Valley Recycling will continue to be a leading recycling company in southwestern Ontario, while offering every customer a worry-free method of achieving their recycling requirements.

1200 Green Valley Road, London, Ontario, N6N 1E3