Green Valley Recycling is committed to excellence in environmental management and the reduction of construction, demolition and other debris that would otherwise go to landfill sites.

We are striving for 100% waste diversion. Preserving tomorrow´s environment drives our every action. Every day, emerging technologies and companies are developing new ways to utilize recycled construction and demolition material. Whether it is to convert these commodities into renewable energy or making new products out of debris that would have been landfilled only yesterday, we are committed to finding alternative uses for all the material we receive.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

On one hand, we partner with construction and demolition firms, waste haulers and debris producers to provide them with a processing facility where they can trust that the material they generate will be handled in a professional and environmentally conscientious manner. On the other hand, we partner with innovative companies who utilize our commodities to create new products.

We want to be a leader in the waste industry, always moving forward to a cleaner, safer world. Recycling is no longer "just a nice thing to do" but an essential part of ensuring that the environment we leave our children is cleaner and healthier for everyone. We recycle for the future!

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